Rattling the Cages

Having spent over five years rattling the cages and spreading our message far and wide, today the General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution entitled Vision for Everyone, committing member states to achieving that goal. My hope is that we can do this by the time the first person walks on Mars, so everyone in the world will be able to see it.

This is the story of my journey to help the world to see clearly — James Chen

23rd July
50,000 young children each year are at risk of poor vision because of a ‘scandalous’ failure, charity warns

A ‘scandalous’ failure by local authorities to provide eye tests in schools is putting 50,000 young children at risk of poor vision or even sight loss, Clearly has warned.

Clearly is joined in its call to the UK Government for a ‘universal and consistent’ vision screening service for 4–5 year olds by the Royal National Institute of Blind People and the British and Irish Orthoptic Society.


08th October
Why is there ‘a postcode lottery’ for testing children’s eyes?

Half of Britain’s schoolchildren suffered from tired eyes or headaches while being home-schooled during lockdown, according to a YouGov survey released today. Now, one in 10 children report that they see worse than before lockdown.

08th October
Clearly's Glasses Logo visualised in the Sea with the words SEA CHANGE

On 4 January 2021, Clearly, the charity founded in 2016 by James Chen to raise the profile of vision among world leaders, will merge into the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), a network of over 150 members working in international eye health and leading global advocacy body for the sight sector.

In a sign of the growing strength of the sector and progress that has been made on the issue over the last five years, the move is designed to combine the two organisations’ advocacy and campaigning expertise and bring renewed pressure on global actors and governments to end the vision crisis. At least one billion people worldwide have sight loss which could be prevented or addressed.

13th August
New Chinese app hopes to help reduce eyestrain in children

An app designed to help children take time away from the screen to prevent eyestrain has been launched by scientists from the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center in Guangzhou, China.

The app, Recess and Exercise Advocacy Program, or REAP, is a live-streaming platform that lets users capture short videos and photographs on smartphones, showing them doing physical exercise or relaxing away from a screen or monitor, during breaks from home schooling.

10th June
James Chen is helping to ‘bring vision care to millions’

In a recent article, YPO discusses two of its Global Impact Award regional finalists – James Chen and Sam Ifergan. Both James’ philanthropic initiatives and Sam’s tech startup are helping millions of people see clearly for the very first time.

06th May
James Chen promotes ‘vision for all’

James Chen, Clearly’s founder, has been featured in China Daily discussing his goal to get the world to see clearly.

James described his latest mission as the Glasses in Classes campaign, calling on Commonwealth leaders to provide sight tests, affordable glasses and other treatments for school children.

30th April
Get crafty and make your own glasses!

We’ve created a new activity pack for those families across the world who are stuck at home. Within the pack, you can learn some fun facts about one of the most important features on our face… our eyes! You can also take part in some family-friendly activities like finding your…

20th April
Download our new home school activity pack!

At Clearly, we’ve created a new science pack for children aged 6-16 to make homeschooling fun!

With our pack, your children can learn about the importance of good vision whilst taking part in some fun activities, too. Once you’ve completed the pack, why not take a photo in your new funky frames? To make sure we see and share your pics, tag @ClearlyWorld and #GlassesInClasses

26th March
Commonwealth leaders urged to ‘solve the vision crisis among school children’

Commonwealth leaders have been urged to provide sight tests, affordable glasses and other treatments to address the “vision crisis among school children” at an event hosted by the Vision for the Commonwealth and The Countess of Wessex at St James’s Palace.

03rd March
Glasses in Classes – School Activity Pack

We need Commonwealth leaders to take the next steps in delivering their commitment of achieving ‘quality eye care for all’. What better way to help them make that decision than by hearing from the children of the Commonwealth themselves? So – teachers and students – download our pack below! Once…

17th February
James Chen: Robert Iger is named Time’s business person of the year

James Chen believes that Robert Iger should do more to diversify Disney’s films, granting Lowri’s wish by making a Disney princess with glasses.

14th January