How can the whole world see?

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How can the whole world see? That’s the question we are determined to find answers to. We have achieved incredible things. We have walked on the Moon and driven on Mars. But somewhere along the way, we forgot about one of our most fundamental senses - sight. More than 700 years since spectacles were invented, 2.5 billion people suffer poor eyesight with no access to treatment.

A world where everybody could see would be a better, fairer, more productive, happier world. We invite anybody with new ideas and a desire for change to join us.

The problem is clear.

Impacting over 2.5 billion of us, vision problems affect us more than any other disability— impeding our ability to get an education, support our families and to build a better life.

Share these facts and tell your friends why we need to help the world see.

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Plotting the course.

We have technology so advanced that NASA is planning to put someone on Mars by 2035. Our mission is for everyone to be able to watch it happen.

Our milestone Clearly 2035 event immersed renowned thought leaders, academics and disruptors in the vital question that we have so far failed to answer: how can the whole world see?

At Clearly 2035, some of the world’s sharpest minds helped us plot a course for success. More news coming soon.

Mapping the landscape.

Vision is a complex challenge that demands brave ideas and smart collaboration. The Labs were designed as an environment for accelerated thinking, uncovering new and unexpected approaches to the problem. Meanwhile, the Vision Prize rewarded powerful innovations that can make a difference today.

Vision Prize

Innovations of today

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Exploring the problem

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VIDEO: Alastair Campbell’s 2035 speech

Over the last year, the Labs travelled around the world – from New York to Nairobi, San Francisco to Shenzhen. Everywhere we went, we heard brilliant ideas for brin
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Clearly 2035: Our Mars Shot

Twelve months ago I set out to launch Clearly – a new campaign with a simple vision: to help the whole world see by 2035. Today, there are 2.5 billion people in the wor
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Life in Focus: Zaina

The story of a mother, a widow, a worker, and a woman whose life would be very different without glasses.
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The Clearly Champions.

To help make our mission successful, an independent group of global thinkers are uniting to bring energy and awareness to the challenge of solving the world’s vision problems.

Brian Doolan

CEO, The Fred Hollows Foundation

"Most of us never think about our sight until we have a problem. For many people around the world, that problem turns into a life sentence. The Clearly campaign is about saying that is unacceptable."

James Chen

Founder of Clearly

"It's time to apply the type of innovation that powers Tesla, the efficiency that drives Amazon and the brand of ingenuity that runs Google - to our eyes."

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Neil Blumenthal

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker

“Lack of access to glasses and eyecare impedes people from reaching their full potential. It’s a global issue that we can resolve today if we combine our efforts.”

Dave Gilboa

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker

"Despite the fact that glasses were invented centuries ago, there remain almost 2.5 billion people who lack access to eyecare worldwide. Together we can take steps to address this issue."

Baroness Tessa Jowell

"This problem needs to be addressed with urgency, humanity and ingenuity. I am delighted, therefore, to support the generous commitment of James Chen and the Clearly campaign to lead action."

Keyur Patel

Chairman & Co-Founder, Fuse+Media Ltd

"This is a signal to the world's wealthiest people, corporations, and government agencies to acknowledge that each of them can make a difference in this world if there is heart and vision."

Hadeel Ibrahim

Founding Executive Director, Mo Ibrahim Foundation

"I remember vividly my first pair of glasses. My world was transformed. That is why I support the Clearly campaign and it's goal of better sight for all."


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