The Labs were designed as fast-paced, collaborative sessions for innovators and visionaries to bring new thinking to an old problem. Those who stepped into the Labs inspired us with their ability to challenge conventional wisdom on the question at the heart of our mission: How can the whole world see?

There is no silver bullet. It’s not a question that will be answered overnight. But we love the idea of knitting together diverse little teams of people who bring their own unique experiences and expertise. Groups like that have the bravery to shatter assumptions. That transforms the way we approach a problem and, little by little, potential new solutions are uncovered.

1 question. 8 cities. Hundreds of ideas.

The anatomy of the Labs

Even though poor vision is the most widely unaddressed disability in the world, we believe that, by 2035, everyone can have access to basic vision correction. Such an ambitious goal demands radical new thinking. That's one of the reasons why failure is embraced in the Labs. Out of discarded ideas comes progress in the form of stronger and more crystallised thinking.

The Labs offered a testing ground for emerging ideas, helping us to reframe the problem and consider the many different ways of approaching it. Outsiders - people with no previous connection to the issue - have a vital role to play here. They see things differently and offer challenging viewpoints.

We know that technological innovation is just one piece of the puzzle. Political and cultural change is needed, too. We know that medical specialists are fundamental, but that they can't do it all on their own. We know that we don’t have all of the answers. But most of all, we know that if we all work together, we can solve the problem.

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In parallel with the Clearly Labs we also ran the Clearly Vision Prize – a competition for entrepreneurs with innovations that could spark a revolution in eye care.

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