James Chen Speaks at One Young World

This weekend, Clearly founder James Chen spoke at the One Young World conference in Ottawa. James shared the stage with world leaders including Justin Trudeau, Kofi Annan, Emma Watson, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Bob Geldof.

Each year, the One Young World conference brings together inspiring young leaders from around the world, celebrating the achievements they have already made and empowering them to continue their good work in delivering positive change.

Discussing his mission to bring good vision to everyone on the planet, James told the young delegates that 700 years since the invention of eye glasses, we now have the technology to eradicate the world’s biggest unaddressed disability. We just need the imagination and determination to apply it in new, innovative ways.

James offered a powerful endorsement to the role that young leaders can play in bringing about global change. Calling on his own family experiences, he noted how much the world has changed, with age and experience no longer acting as limiting factors in your ability to lead those around you.


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