Footage from the streets of San Francisco

Good vision has the power to completely change our lives and the way we experience the world. But for those of us who are lucky enough to have easy access to vision correction, it can be easy to take our sight for granted.

So while we were in San Francisco for our most recent Labs, we took to the streets and asked people to think about the difference that a simple pair of glasses makes to their lives…

Life suddenly starts to look a lot more difficult. We then asked them to imagine how their lives would be different if their vision was completely taken away.

There are lots of things we would miss. Some of them just give us a better quality of life, but some of them have an overwhelming impact on our ability to get and education, find work and make a living.

We had one final question…

That figure is staggering. It surprises everyone we speak to.

It’s the reason we need to find new answers to the question at the heart of our mission: how can the whole world see?

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